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Wei Wo Du Shen

Wei Wo Du Shen N/A

Other Name: Wei Wo Du Shen, 唯我独神

Summary: On the vast land of China, the gods in charge of the laws of heaven and earth passed away and lost the constraints of the laws. The power of darkness was about to move, trying to subvert the entire land. Ning Chen is an ordinary guard in the palace of Canglan. He gained the power of swallowing spirits by accident, and his cultivation base increased greatly. Originally, he could keep pace. However, crises followed one after another. First, the royal cronies betrayed one after another, and then the empire. VIPs turned to each other. In the face of numerous difficulties, Ning Chen adhered to the principle of doing things as much as his ability and responsibility, bravely picking up the leaders, and facing the difficulties together with the princess Hua Wanyue and others, and resolved one crisis after another. However, the enemy's treacherous and interlocking schemes, Ning Chen and others gradually found out after they gradually deepened that there was even greater conspiracy waiting for them


Wei Wo Du Shen