Yume Senshi Wingman Episode 15

Yume Senshi Wingman

Other Name: Wingman, 夢戦士ウイングマン

Summary: Watch Yume Senshi Wingman (夢戦士ウイングマン) at KissAnime . Hirono Kenta is your average geeky junior high school student. His childhood obsession has always been Tokusatsu and anime. In fact, he fancies himself as a “Hero of Justice” and often is seen running around in a makeshift costume of his own design called “Wing Man.” Most of his fellow classmates thinks he`s just a crazy otaku, but his childhood friend Ogawa Miku thinks he`s a noble spirit.

One day as Hirono is walking to school, a beautiful and voluptuous girlliterally drops out of the sky and into his life. Hirono, bewildered by…Continue reading

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