Tetsuko no Tabi Episode 13

Tetsuko no Tabi

Other Name: Tetsuko’s Travels, Tetsuko’s Trip, 鉄子の旅

Summary: ased on a seinen manga by Kikuchi Naoe and Yokomi Hirohiko, serialised in IKKI.

The “story” is that a manga artist is asked by her boss to accompany him and a travel-writer on various train trips around Japan and draw a manga about it.

The kicker though, is that it’s completely non-fiction —the creator really did go on all these trips, and the manga simply records what happened, with no embellishment. There’s a little disclaimer at the front that says “This is non-fiction, so I apologize for the lack of drama,” and indeed, it mostly is just about them riding trains from place to place,…Continue reading

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