Mieruko-chan (Dub) Episode 3

Mieruko-chan (Dub)

Other Name: Mieruko-chan, 見える子ちゃん

Summary: Miko Yotsuya’s eyes water as she fixates on a single spot on her phone—she ignores yet another dreadful, horrific monster that is in her face, uttering the disturbing words: “Can you see me?” Before now, Miko enjoyed her unassuming high school days, with late-night horror shows serving only as a form of entertainment. But ever since one fateful day, she is the only person aware of the invisible monsters walking freely among humans.

Courageously, Miko makes a bold decision: she will never, under any condition, acknowledge the presence of the horrid specters. However, even though she pretends they do…Continue reading

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