Huoli Shaonian Wang zhi Chuanqi Zaixian Episode 20

Huoli Shaonian Wang zhi Chuanqi Zaixian

Other Name: Blazing Teens 5: Legendary Warriors, 火力少年王之传奇再现

Summary: The 3rd Huoli Shaonian Wang animated season. It follows an entirely new story and new characters unrelated to the previous seasons. The previous seasons metaphorical usage of magic/spirit/chi to visualize yoyo battles has now become literal. The yoyo toys have spirit animals within them and the cast tries to return them to their world before the villains use them for evil purposes.

Leon has an argument with his classmate Gurido for trifle. At the advice of Catherine, Leon and Gurido decide to judge the victory or defeat through yoyo competition. The Daemon Tiger appears…Continue reading

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